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Thursday, 28 April 2011

I can not believe it.

I can not believe it. All my hard work I have done on my website. Ok not all but a page 90% just gone. I can not believe it. When I make a mistake  I would click onto anoter page and I will then be asked if I want to save te work ususally I say no. Click back on my page and my mistake/s will be gone. I did it this time and no uestion was asked. and it had automatically saved result in loosing my work. I went to bed something to 12 working on my site and all moring and afternoo. All that work and I have to do it again.

I just can not believe it. Doing work twice is not fun at all.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Well it is slowly coming along. My website is very very slowly coming along. At last I am making some head way and it has taken me many months to get started with a format I am happy with (so far). There is still loads to try out, layouts, visual wise and I may even change the colour of my branding.
Good news is that customers can still browse and purchase on my site. My site will look deraveled but thats just until I have finished which will be over the next few months. I am still available for info. Apart from 14th to 26th April.

As well as me decorating my site. I will be brinig new designs on my jewellery and load more cards in all the caterogories. Moe wedding invitations will also be added. All this over the next few months. This time next year I shall be complete.

Don't forget I am also available for parties.http://nithria.co.uk

Nithria xx

Saturday, 9 April 2011

So today Is my jewellery party

So today is my jewellery party and I just hope it has some success. I wanted to finsh preping yesterday. But when I get tired I don't do to well lol. But it is just after *am so i have time to finish off. I have made a few nice items gonna take some pics of them.

Anyways gots to go cause I's gots a prty to prep for.


Monday, 4 April 2011

Many hours of Work

I will be working on my website finally. Making changes and adding new features. Small but to increase the visual and ease of my website. Customers will still be able to buy from the website as normal. The pages will be out of place compared to others but not to worry items are still available to purchase.
If you have any questions or reuests ou can email me at info@nithria.co.uk.



New in

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Well my act is slowly coming together.

Well it has been a long time comming. I have finally embarked on doing my website. Was never really happy with it before, but now I am very slowly getiing somewhere. It will probably take months to do as I fit it around and inbetween crafting and other bts and bobs. As I do not really have a clear vision as to what I want my sit to look like this will also take its time.

I have been working on my site for the past two days, just bits here and there. nothing really in sequence. I have ideas and I am playing around with them. Im working on my home and about me page as well as the main pages. as I am adding new elements for example when you press on details it will open up into a nother page giving more details on that product. I have loads over 100 products and growing so thiswill take some time.

However people can still continue to shop and contact me if they wish.


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New Jewellery

Worked on some new jewellery preping for my jewellery party. I am qquite fond of these shell pendants which I have turned into earrings and some into sets. Lovely jewellery pieces that is great to add to your nithria collection.

Also have these lovely shell earrings.

Free P+P on these new earrings

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Another day what to do?

What to do is stop thinking about what to do. I had it all planned a very packed week. Yet Im yet to break into anything that I have done. The first day of my week plan great and then it began to fade by the wayside. :( Not good a all. I have got some exerxise in yey. All important exercise as crafting has no work out bnefits at all.

My fimos didnt come out as I planned Back to the drawing board I thiks. My chocolate ckae wasnt too bad and my cherry spomge cake but I think a bit of cream is missing so Ill shall be taking a lot of takes before I am satisfied.

Done this new persoanlised baby card

Currently selling at my folksy shop. Might do another today but I have some card orders to make up so we shall see. If you like some thing custom made contact me at info@nithria.co.uk.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Ok Ive taken some photos But Cant upload.

Fantastic. Finally I have taken some photo's of my work and I can't upload them to my website. The page is just off. Well at least I can upload on folksy This is just typical I finally get on with it only not to be able to get on with it. :( Here is a few pics what I have done. Glass beads, fresh water pearls and semi precious

Whats gonna happen today?

Well what is gonna happen today. What I would like to happen is to finish put first/second coat of paint in bedroom. Finally take pictures of my semi precious bracelets that I made and make some more jewellery necklaces and earrings. Take procastination out of my vocab and get down to some work. If I keep going and dont stop I'll probably get most of what I want done today.

Hopefully fit in at least 40 mins on the cross trainer my exercise is slacking once again. So need to get back on track with that.

I will be showing some lovely special gifts for mothersdday and shall be posting asap. Beautful bracelets and necklaces and I already have some mothersday cards. So please take a visit and chek it out.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Another Week

Wow what happened to the weekend. Or what happened to the week. If you do not make the most of every minute whether it be work, rest or play. You spend your time wondering what did you do. It has been a very procasting time these past 3 months and I am way behind on my list of things to do and that list keeps building and building.
Monday's is usually a right off day as I go to my art class for 3 hours. A fantastic way to start the week I find. Then I have to do some erons or aerons. Any way I pann to hopefully finish putting down the first coat of paint in my sons room. Hopefully squeeze some photography in today. Upload and show case my bracelets I made last night. I made another 3 before I went to sleep plus a necklace. All semi precious stones. Off to design my tags and think of ways to take some good photo's.


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday A day of rest! Well it should be.

So I was up early and began my journey of work after 8am Sunday morning. I know I should be resting and taking it easy. But 3 months of guilty procastiating I had to get started some day. So I started in the garden. I timed myself and gave myself an hour, before heading down to the shops.

Well a few hours not doing much after that I eventually began making some bracelets of the semi precious kind. A total of nine altogether. I should be making some more instead of being on the computer. But lets just see how long I can keep my eyes open for lol.

I shall hopefully post pictures tomorrow.


Saturday, 12 March 2011

So I want to post a new blog under my heading.......

... But find this very hard to do!!!. Is there a way to continue to write blogs directly under my headings without going to edit pages. Hmm. I'll have to figure that out some other time.rying to start

In the meantime. I am working on some fimo. I have been trying to start it up again at last I have. I have made a couple of items and hopefully should have them listed in my shop soon. This is a skill that I love to develop into something amazing.

New video

If you like semi precious jewellery I am showcasing a small collection and you can see it here Nithria.
Like me and subscribe if you like what you see.


Friday, 11 March 2011

Merlin BBC Series

I have always love the story of Merlin and could'nt wait to see the BBC series. At first I thought the charcters seemed a bit too modern. I was'nt convinced that it was set in that time. But as the series went on they seemed more conviening. I must say I liked the series from the beginning. Every week there was a new story running alongside the ongoing main story line.

I like all the characters in this series and well done to BBC. As there is'nt much on that channel that I really watch. The Uk has finished the 3rd series and what a series this was. It has to be the best. I am eagly waiting for the fourth. PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB willbe on my phone and door while this is on lol. If you haven't seen or heard of merlin, it is a great series. Well acted fantastic story lines.