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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Another day what to do?

What to do is stop thinking about what to do. I had it all planned a very packed week. Yet Im yet to break into anything that I have done. The first day of my week plan great and then it began to fade by the wayside. :( Not good a all. I have got some exerxise in yey. All important exercise as crafting has no work out bnefits at all.

My fimos didnt come out as I planned Back to the drawing board I thiks. My chocolate ckae wasnt too bad and my cherry spomge cake but I think a bit of cream is missing so Ill shall be taking a lot of takes before I am satisfied.

Done this new persoanlised baby card

Currently selling at my folksy shop. Might do another today but I have some card orders to make up so we shall see. If you like some thing custom made contact me at info@nithria.co.uk.

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  1. More to the point, is dont make a plan! I had mine mapped out today, and no internet connection till now (6pm), not good for promotion etc.

    Great new card, and cake sounds good.
    Lynda x