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Friday, 11 March 2011

Merlin BBC Series

I have always love the story of Merlin and could'nt wait to see the BBC series. At first I thought the charcters seemed a bit too modern. I was'nt convinced that it was set in that time. But as the series went on they seemed more conviening. I must say I liked the series from the beginning. Every week there was a new story running alongside the ongoing main story line.

I like all the characters in this series and well done to BBC. As there is'nt much on that channel that I really watch. The Uk has finished the 3rd series and what a series this was. It has to be the best. I am eagly waiting for the fourth. PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB willbe on my phone and door while this is on lol. If you haven't seen or heard of merlin, it is a great series. Well acted fantastic story lines.

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