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Hello and welcome to Nithria the land of handmade craft. Here beautiful crafts like cards, crochet and jewellery are made.


On a little personal note. Just like to talk about my favourite tv shows. Ones I have watched over and over again. Ones that are new.
My Fav of all favs has to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When I first saw the film all those years ago I loved the film. Or more so the concept. So when I heard they were doing a series I just knew I was going to love it and I was not dissapointed. Johss Whedon the creator knew exactly what he was doing when he creted Buffy. The film Buffy may have been a flop but it paid off in the end. What I like about the show is the language used by the charcters. The phrases are funny and makes the writting for the show stand out amongst others.Each week brought something new and exciting nd lots of lughgs and sometimes tears. I am due to have a Buffy day Where I sit and watch the show from start to finish.
As well as the DVD's I lso bought the CD's the score in BTVS is amazing and I still listen to them. There are some great bands on there. I have all five albums.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer the album : Various artists

You can buy the whole box set or you can buy them individually. If you love the show it is worth getting.
In no particulr order, although it can be a second is the spin off series Angel. This TV series is darker than buffy, but still has a humourous side to its writting. I like the fact tht it isnt just a copy of Buffy and tht it has its own direction and mood. I havent really wtched any of the vampire shows out there, but non hvae really grasped me and compelled me to watch it. If you love Angel it is definately worth buying the box sets.

Again you can get the box set or just buy them sepertely. Another fantastic show by Joss |Whedon.
Angel SOundtrack is must have CD. A variety of music from the show.

Next I love to talk about is Ugly Betty. I love this progrmme she is so inspiring. Although I know that she is a character. This unexpected young girl goes and work in an fashion  magazine. She is not tall, does'nt have a fashion sense and her hair is well lets just say needs help. But she ends up being a PA to the most eligible batchor, working for the top rate Mode magazine at Meade publications.

This can be bought individually or the whole box set.

Unfortunately it only lasted 4 seasons, but it is a TV series worth getting into. It has comedy fun and laughter. For some gret light entertainment Ugly Betty is the one to watch.

I have always love the story of Merlin and could'nt wait to see the BBC series. At first I thought the charcters seemed a bit too modern. I was'nt convinced that it was set in that time. But as the series went on they seemed more conviening. I must say I liked the series from the beginning. Every week there was a new story running alongside the ongoing main story line.

I like all the characters in this series and well done to BBC. As there is'nt much on that channel that I really watch. The Uk has finished the 3rd series and what a series this was. It has to be the best. I am eagly waiting for the fourth. PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB willbe on my phone and door while this is on lol. If you haven't seen or heard of merlin, it is a great series. Well acted fantastic story lines.