Welcome to Nithria

Hello and welcome to Nithria the land of handmade craft. Here beautiful crafts like cards, crochet and jewellery are made.

Friday, 30 April 2010

Working Late

Good late evening. I am taking advantage of this evening and uploading some fathers day cards and some female happy birthday cards, starting with Folksy whilst listening to Sarah Mclachlan, some beautiful music while I'm busy uploading and writing. I hope I get a bit done loads of uploading to do across my many sites.

My light studio came so very excited can not wait to use it.

Thursday, 29 April 2010


For the past couple of days I have ceased on bridal and have started crafting cards. I have began making fathers day cards so it does'nt catch up on me. I have made a few and I am looking to make some more. Also I want to make more birthday cards.

Until my light studio arrives hopefully very soon I shall not be listing anything. Waiting to take some nice photos on my new displays.

Till then....

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Taking a break

I'm taking a break from my bridal range to fullfill some orders. Being working and sourcing all day. i have one more to complete. Bought my mini studio light box can't wait for it to arrive so I can start taking pictures.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Light studio.

I am busy working hard on my bridal collection which is coming along nicely. Just sticking to simple elegant designs so far. Mainly glass pearls. Also contemplating getting a Light studio to take my pictures with.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Good Morning all

I have been working on my fourth shop. this is a mini one on facebook. Showcasing a few pieces of my work.

Take a look and become a fan. There will be special promotions for all fans. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nithria/387178550494?v=app_135607783795

Well today I want to do other thing than work but I'm gonna have to squezze them in so. till next blog


Friday, 23 April 2010

FaceBook Front

hello Blogger viewers. I have been working on my facebook shop front which should up and ready hopefully in the next week or two. I am still working on my bridal collection and some pcs are already on sale. Please visit. www.nithria.co.uk.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Bridal continued.

I am still uploading m bridal jewellery for people to but on



Please take a look

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Another Bridal day

I have uploaded and amended some of my bridal pictures. Hopefully I will upload them today. here is a sample few.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


I am now taking some photographs for a few of my bridal jewellery. The sun is shinning and I have my make shift studio. Lol This should be fun. Listening to sarah Mclachlan

Bridal Continued

Good morning all. Today I shall be continuing making my bridal jewellery and hopefully taking some pictures of the ones I already have so I can post them up on my sites.
Got a couple of card orders to do also. Better get them out of the way.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Here comes the bride

I have been working hard on my bridal collection and can not wait to have my bridal pieces turned into a video bridal promo. My creativity has been lacking of late and has stuck with simple but beautiful designs.

At the moment I am working mainly on glass pearls and seed beads. In the colours ivory, white, and pink. I want to create some bridal jewellery for those people who like something different.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Rest is over

I will be continuing with my bridal designs. unfortuantely did not do as much as I wanted. I forget how some pieces will take much more time to do than others. Anywas it is getting late and it is 10.11 am UK time and I haven't done any work as such yet so till next time.


Monday, 5 April 2010

Bank holiday crafting

Yes it is the easter bank holiday and I am eager to get on with some of my new designs and also waiting for my beads. Too scared to give myself a complete deadline but I know i need one as i am way behind on my schedule so watch this space. bridal jewellery is on is way. hoping to have 25 new bridal sets by the end of the month.


Friday, 2 April 2010

The easter weekend

Well hello Nithrians. This is an opperunity to sort out and tidy and organize my work station and prepare myself for the following week. Got some inspiration for some lovely pieces of jewellery mainly neckaces. With some lovely bold colours. So watch this space.

Till next time.