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Monday, 14 March 2011

Another Week

Wow what happened to the weekend. Or what happened to the week. If you do not make the most of every minute whether it be work, rest or play. You spend your time wondering what did you do. It has been a very procasting time these past 3 months and I am way behind on my list of things to do and that list keeps building and building.
Monday's is usually a right off day as I go to my art class for 3 hours. A fantastic way to start the week I find. Then I have to do some erons or aerons. Any way I pann to hopefully finish putting down the first coat of paint in my sons room. Hopefully squeeze some photography in today. Upload and show case my bracelets I made last night. I made another 3 before I went to sleep plus a necklace. All semi precious stones. Off to design my tags and think of ways to take some good photo's.


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