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Hello and welcome to Nithria the land of handmade craft. Here beautiful crafts like cards, crochet and jewellery are made.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

I can not believe it.

I can not believe it. All my hard work I have done on my website. Ok not all but a page 90% just gone. I can not believe it. When I make a mistake  I would click onto anoter page and I will then be asked if I want to save te work ususally I say no. Click back on my page and my mistake/s will be gone. I did it this time and no uestion was asked. and it had automatically saved result in loosing my work. I went to bed something to 12 working on my site and all moring and afternoo. All that work and I have to do it again.

I just can not believe it. Doing work twice is not fun at all.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Well it is slowly coming along. My website is very very slowly coming along. At last I am making some head way and it has taken me many months to get started with a format I am happy with (so far). There is still loads to try out, layouts, visual wise and I may even change the colour of my branding.
Good news is that customers can still browse and purchase on my site. My site will look deraveled but thats just until I have finished which will be over the next few months. I am still available for info. Apart from 14th to 26th April.

As well as me decorating my site. I will be brinig new designs on my jewellery and load more cards in all the caterogories. Moe wedding invitations will also be added. All this over the next few months. This time next year I shall be complete.

Don't forget I am also available for parties.http://nithria.co.uk

Nithria xx

Saturday, 9 April 2011

So today Is my jewellery party

So today is my jewellery party and I just hope it has some success. I wanted to finsh preping yesterday. But when I get tired I don't do to well lol. But it is just after *am so i have time to finish off. I have made a few nice items gonna take some pics of them.

Anyways gots to go cause I's gots a prty to prep for.


Monday, 4 April 2011

Many hours of Work

I will be working on my website finally. Making changes and adding new features. Small but to increase the visual and ease of my website. Customers will still be able to buy from the website as normal. The pages will be out of place compared to others but not to worry items are still available to purchase.
If you have any questions or reuests ou can email me at info@nithria.co.uk.



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