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Hello and welcome to Nithria the land of handmade craft. Here beautiful crafts like cards, crochet and jewellery are made.

Monday, 29 March 2010

A challenge well sort off

Well my Aunt has given me some work to do. As she can only wear Silver I have to make five new sets of jewellery. Which means all finding's including head pins and jump rings have to be sterling silver. Might have to put some cash aside to buy sterling silver bead caps also. Well I have put my order in and hoe to be getting them in the next few days. Mood busy

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Creation Explosion

Hey all Nithrians this is Wenona at Nithria here. This is a new day and I am going to be getting very creative with some new designs with my beads. The next few months will be quite busy and I want to work especially on my new bridal collection so watch this space. I will be posting my new products on http://www.flickr.com/photos/nithria/


Till next time Nithrians

Friday, 12 March 2010

I love ebay

yes i love it when i can with just a few clicks of a butoon purchase goods, it is so addictive but unfortunately do not have the abundance of cash as i would like. lol. But I purchased some glass pearls and rhinestones. i have a problem with my creativity I cant see to keep up with it I am already behind on my promo videos, suppose to be making at least four and I havent started but at least I made some jewellery for one of them. Sold some b4 I took any pics so gonna have to make some more. Prob visit amazon for some inspiration. Nithria has a lot of work to do just need to keep up with it. Anyways should be posting some new stuff on here soon I hope. And get on with my promo vids.


Saturday, 6 March 2010

Creativity is a wonderfull thing.

I have been working really hard these past few weeks on my beautifull semi precious jewellery and a small collection f glass jewelley. I just have to find the right way to take pictures of my semi precious jewellery so I can do the pieces justice. Out side would be a good idea. I can not wait to get creating and designing new pieces using seed beads. I havent done anything like it before and it will be a good and exciting experince.
There is so much i want to do i just have to spend a day or two and write down dead lines and goals if I want to finish anything. lets hope all goes well. Till next time from nithria land of handmade craft.