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Hello and welcome to Nithria the land of handmade craft. Here beautiful crafts like cards, crochet and jewellery are made.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday A day of rest! Well it should be.

So I was up early and began my journey of work after 8am Sunday morning. I know I should be resting and taking it easy. But 3 months of guilty procastiating I had to get started some day. So I started in the garden. I timed myself and gave myself an hour, before heading down to the shops.

Well a few hours not doing much after that I eventually began making some bracelets of the semi precious kind. A total of nine altogether. I should be making some more instead of being on the computer. But lets just see how long I can keep my eyes open for lol.

I shall hopefully post pictures tomorrow.



  1. What an early start! I worked today as you know, but confess to doing PC stuff first then dog walking and lunch, didnt actually start till 1pm.
    Look forward to seeing your new designs.

    Lynda x

  2. I probaby try and take some photos tomorrow, didnt get round to it today.