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Hello and welcome to Nithria the land of handmade craft. Here beautiful crafts like cards, crochet and jewellery are made.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Creativity is a wonderfull thing.

I have been working really hard these past few weeks on my beautifull semi precious jewellery and a small collection f glass jewelley. I just have to find the right way to take pictures of my semi precious jewellery so I can do the pieces justice. Out side would be a good idea. I can not wait to get creating and designing new pieces using seed beads. I havent done anything like it before and it will be a good and exciting experince.
There is so much i want to do i just have to spend a day or two and write down dead lines and goals if I want to finish anything. lets hope all goes well. Till next time from nithria land of handmade craft.


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