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Friday, 27 August 2010

Where have I been?

Hello Nithria followers. it has been a short while, but as I have stated before i have been busy preping for the Bridal show in exeter on september 19th.  making bridal jewellery and wedding invitations.

As well as doing that  have been setting myself impossible tasks to surge my crafting production. including updating my blogg. I have been doing very well and can say although I will noy complete my impossible list of goals i am not doing to badly.

My list includes
100 wedding invitations

100 evening invitations needless to say I havent started on any of these wedding invites with the task I have set.
60 picecs of wedding jewellery which I havent started.
60 greeting cards I have made 46 so far.
30 pieces of normal jewellery which I have only made 1 so far

All this including updating my blogg, photobucket and own web sitewww.nithria.co.uk and listing some of the items on my folksy shop http://www.folksy.com/shops/Nithria
my list will end on Monday. Then I will make another impossible list for 7 days. I have done my updating on my sites and photo bucke. So all in all not too bad. I have some orers to fullfil, so I will spend less time on my list.

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